Moskva River

Action Plan and Gorky Park Embankments

Professional practice
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After the long time of separation Moscow and the Moscow river they will finally connect again at these attractive “transfer points” — future ports. This meeting will be like waking up; and Moscow will finally be able to restore its almost lost thread of the real History. Moscow will remember its real future where inaddition to amazing ports there will be green ecological areasand scenic river parks, new types of leisure, sport, business, arts and education, new bold initiatives and new city holidays. 

The Moscow River within the city is an extensive system with a wide catchment. The Moscow River Project thinking and action needs to include these outer reaches of the river and its tributaries. Moscow’s extensive and unique water network, currently largely under-utilised, has the potential to be turned into a cityscale network of public spaces: Moscow’s New Riverlink Park. Large territories located in the periphery of Moscow and along the river, will become future points of growth and development magnets following a more sustainable polycentric growth. Riverlink Park — the meeting of the river, the city’s network and the future points of growth, has the potential to be the structuring network of Big Moscow’s future growth.


Supervisors: Y. Grigoryan, A. Kamyshan
Team: O. Tarasova, I. Mikhaylova, A. Egarmina, S. Gelain


Future Ports organization diagrams

Setun’ river port and eco islands

Swimming pool in Gorky Park

Pavement fragment


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