The Kapotnya effect. Resettlement

Moscow Architectural Institute
Yury Grigoryan studio

Natural Autonomy
The residential area of Kapotnya is isolated from the city (Moscow) by the river, the oil factory and MKAD (Moscow Ring Road). Kapotnya’s territory is “invisible” to public transport, political and economical influence of the city center. Thus, Kapotnya naturally becomes a kind of autonomous city inside the city and it allows to think about an experiment.

Residential District. Microrayon
The structure of the residential area is very leaky and there is a lot of empty and unused ground. It belongs to nobody and is in desolation.

Ground is a very valuable resource. In the project the empty territory is divided into similar sites by the number of flats in Kapotnya. They are distributed to inhabitants rightfully of use. People become the owners of the city.

The inhabitants receive with the sites basic typified modules of houses which further they can complete by their own efforts depending on their requirements.

Abandoned Houses
The blocs of flats which were left by inhabitants become public spaces. From mass of residential district they are transformed to steady elements of the new city. Thanks to design, they can be partly or completely disassemble and their panels can be reused for construction of new houses and functions are changed. Process of resettlement can happen gradually.

The port opens access for citizens to water and it becomes one of the most important steady elements. It is a new way of the “intercity” transport.


Before and After



Site types

Reuse of prefab structures



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