My name is Olga Tarasova and I am an architect. Currently I am workin in New York City. I graduated from  Cornell University in May 2019 with MSAAD (former MArch II) degree with distinction. I am from Russia and in the year 2016 I graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute with Master degree also with distinction. The major part of this education process I spent in the Yury Grigoryan’s project studio. After the graduation I worked for two years in the Moscow based architectural office Meganom.  

I believe in architecture as in great experience that we can create for people. I also believe that using an artistic approach in architecture creates a very specific result. Delicate graphical language as architectural representation is not only the visual identity of the project for me, but it is also a significant tool for architectural communication. Thus, art has become a very important chapter of my life.

Work experience

2019-now         KPF, New York - Architect
2016-2018       MEGANOM, Moscow - Architect
2014 / 2015    MEGANOM, Moscow - Intern
2015                  PROSPECT, Moscow - Intern 

Teaching experience

2018-2019      Cornell University - Teaching Assistant
2017                  Soft Cultura, Moscow; Nizhny Novgorod State University Of Architecture And Civil Engineering - Lectures
2016                Moscow Architectural Institute, Y.Grigoryan’s Studio - Tutor       

Research experience

2016-2017      Moskva River, MEGANOM
2015-2016      Open City. Moscow, Y.Grigoryan’s studio
2013                 Archaeology of the Periphery, MEGANOM

Major publications and credits

2020       Hidden Villa, KooZA/rch
2020       Hidden Villa, DIVISARE
2017        A Unifying White, KooZA/rch
2017        The Website Behind The «Post-Digital» Drawing Revolution, Archdaily
2016        Years Of Study, Project Russia Magazine, #82
2016        Open City,


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